eric (interviewing) wrote in fashin,


"Heart breaking news of 24 year old male model Ambrose Olson's passing earlier this week has cast a dark cloud over the fashion and modeling industry this morning.

Ambrose was an American model born in 1985, in Homer, Alaska. Recognize for his great skin and full lips, standing 5'10 he managed to score numerous huge campaings in his quick rise to stardom. Working for names such as Hugo Boss, Burberry, YSL, D&G, Dior Homme, Nautica, Armani, Louis Vuitton among others. His muscular build and strong boyish features gave him amazing runway appeal placing him along all stars of the male modeling world.

Never planning on being a model, modeling found Ambrose and blessed him with a great career. Mostly doing print ad's for previously mentioned designers, he also appeared in several runway shows as well as videos. "


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