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"Geil Magazine is a fake magazine that has been set up by a con artist named Dan Mancinetti. He has done his “work” in many cities, first claiming to be a freelance editor for Arena Homme Plus, New York Times, Upstreet, Surface, Flaunt, amongst others. No direct contact is ever made with the magazines, and no stories ever get published. All billing goes to his “people”, burning all involved for any expenses incurred (photographers, model agencies, hair&make-up agencies, photo studios, labs, etc.) Many samples to showrooms never get returned, as he claims things are lost or stolen. He has done his scam in London, New York, Milano, Sydney, & Berlin.

As he had various magazine pursuing legal action against him, he now creates his own magazine titles that he is “launching”. First he had “Tesao!Mag” supposedly based in Milano, now he has “Geil” supposedly based in Berlin.

He has been run out of London, Milano, and Sydney; and is currently working out of Berln. The story came out in the Sydney Morning Herald: see article intitled “Why The Cheese Set Is Cheesed Off”

Be aware that all contacts for Geil Magazine are only various email addresses that Mr. Mancinetti has set up and answers himself, pretending to be these various individuals. Current names he uses are Jason Bohrt, Peter Sullivan, Stacy (jason,peter,stacy@geilmagazine.com) although this list is always changing. He himself goes by Dan, Daniele, or Daniel Mancinetti and “works” as the editor & chief / fashion director for Geil Magazine.

Please be advised of the danger in working with this individual. Any further investigation into the history of Mr. Mancinetti, will only confirm & prove these facts."

-I work at a fashion house and can back up all of this. Geil is a publication built on lies and fraud. He has yet to return thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and I know I am not the only PR firm/fashion house that is taking legal action against Geil. I advise all stylists, models, photographers, and PR firms, to avoid working with this publication.
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