Kirk (khyrk) wrote in fashin,

Oh yes. The Hiss Squad is certainly back in business after last week's soft bomb of a haircut scoop TI gasped and then double gasped at the tale of that mega power stylist who breezed in NYC's JFK locked and loaded to shoot an epic editorial for that mega power blue chip bible. Our beloved power stylist winds her way to immigration only to find her former agency had canceled her US work visa. Mega power blue chip bible was NOT amused. Quelle shade!....And then there is a stunning piece of hiss that should it come true, would mean two major fashion houses are in line for a serious re-alignment. The three part scoop involves...(A.) one of fashion's most major designer retiring from a venerable house, making room for that complex and talented countryman of his (B....) jumping from his current house to the vacant throne. Which (C) then leaves another of fashion's most legendary brands open for a certain star talent to come out of the wilderness back into the luxury fold. If I've dramatically dubbed certain industry changes"continental shifts" this change would be like...a new universe exploding into existence. It's that big!


K. Discuss.

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