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Hey, remember me!


Prada mens was pretty glam geek chic imho, Alessandro's impact.
Talk about prada, talk about mens fashin month so far, talk about anything. Even though I'm sure this place is dead. :/
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dolce solidified itself as a sell out house, no credibility, no integrity, no artistry, just sales, hype and engagement with their "fans". what 14 year old can afford a dolce dress. makes me want to puke how they cant even manage to scrounge some more deserving youth. it was a total display of giving roles to people who have no talent whatsoever to do their job, e.g. marcus butler and the other youtube guy, sofia ritchie, pamela andersons son, jude laws son, the list goes on. but whatever, i hope they enjoy their mainstream popularity and crash and burn like all those other brands that lost their reputation in the past.
Truthfully I see where you're coming from, but I think that they do all this so that they can feed that money into their couture line, which they run in a way where exclusivity is key, we get images, but not a crap ton, you barely see their couture line on the red carpet, So I think they just see ready-to-wear as the cash cow that feeds couture. And I truly think their couture line is quite gorgeous.
thats true! their couture is quite good, i liked their alta moda from a few years ago, their latest was a bit uninspiring (the one they showed in hong kong or something like that) - it looked very Gucci if you replaced the modern references and replaced it with rococo or baroque themes.

to be honest i feel like they put no effort into their ready to wear anymore, its always the same floral embellished shift dress, or puffy sleeve dress, or for the men's the same jacquard suit with a bow tie or embellished sweatshirt. They've been milking the same looks, i guess because its mainstream and will sell well, but i dont really see them as an influential fashion house anymore. they've lost their edge and their brand feels stagnant, almost like I feel like they are still doing ok and seem semi relevant because of the gucci/alessandro influence on the industry of late.

seriously, they were getting really good in the late 2000s, then suddenly 2010 hit and they just started doing the same collection over and over again, and promoting it with the same campaign over and over again. i won't deny the artistry that goes into each look, but i'm just bored at this point. i can't tell one season from the last. they're clearly hitting rock bottom in terms of creativity and this pathetic attempt at targeting millennials is just the latest evidence of that. who even listens to austin mahone?
True, IA
Honestly, living for his impact. Always torn between minimalism and his beautiful, embellished/embroidered aesthetic. I just can't stand how everything is regurgitated at quickly for fast fashion. Every basic bitch is walking around in the latest trend from all of those horrible Chinese websites or a kardashian/jenner clone. And can they please stop with the lip infections? I'm all for a little fill or whatever, but it's getting disgusting.
It's going to be everywhere, isn't it?
it feels very vetements, and i can see this whole concept of ironic logomania being the new thing.
I'm so tired of those Vetements Shen Yun Chinese Opera length sleeves