July 7th, 2009


halp fags

the situation: a writer for a magazine wants to do a style profile on you and you only have one day and one outfit to prepare for the shoot.

Do you purchase something new or stick with what you have? 


constipated cole fyt:

um. i can't handle this.

I only recognize like maybe 2 or 3 of the models in the Alexis Mabille Couture Show.

What the hell guys. I just started getting used to the other models and now they are gone?

I can't deal with the fashion sometimes.

Someone hold me.

If you think this bitch is hot,

Then you are officially uninvited to my "Picture Me" and "The September Issue" party at my apartment in Paris.

P.S. Only 2 more months until I move into my apartment there in Paris. You'll see me stalking models around Paris, trying to wipe up my drool as I walk.

can someone post this on ontd im laffin

some people need a gaydar check


Crowds may be wise, but they're not necessarily savvy. Witness this online poll, where the first 2,500 respondents have deemed Mario Lopez flamingly gay, while Kevin Spacey and Vin Diesel get loads of votes as straight.

Lopez might act in a Broadway musical and take off his shirt a lot, but that doesn't make him gay. At least they got Zachary Quinto, who doesn't keep his personal life much of a secret, correct. How about a do-over with just the people who got Spacey right? Or you can just have at it in the comments.

take the poll right here


The fashion show

am I the only one who likes Merlins design?  (I love it tbh)

specially that jacket, which it kinda reminds me of miu miu Idk. 

Bye bye my fellow latin Marlin :( (but happy to know my asian fav still there)

that destiny child should quit, ugh

discuss tv shows.

"All friends in New York are like Ew, mexicans." Pc, NY Prep
sad :(