Tinsley (tinsleyy) wrote in fashin,

its the most wonderful time of the yeaaar

so many covers. anne is on interview, unrecognizable ... which is a good thing imo

and ew at chelsea handler interviewing her that dumb racist beyotch, i cant believe she still has her own show ....

carine roitfeld by karl lagerfeld seems lulzy

cant wait to read anything to do with laurengendary hutton, even if it involves michael kors 

ANYWAYS ...... wrud how are you whats new in life how are all of you? i just came back from my first shift at starbucks ... i am both in love and petrified at my boss. any other baristas out there/has anyone worked at starbucks?

daria on her 11th elle cover of the year tyfyt

Tags: magazines
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