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'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 18: US Versus UK?

The All-Star Cycle of America's Next Top Model is only a few episodes into the season, but details about the next cycle have been leaked to A Blog About Things! A reader sent us the details from a special "Fierce Parade and Fashion Show" that presumably unveiled the girls of ANTM Cycle 18 and a very unexpected twist: The next season will feature models from the United States versus models from the United Kingdom!

Tyra Banks to pit US models against UK models?

According to the insider, attendees of the event were encouraged to wear red, white and blue or stars and stripes to the show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles. The stage in the venue formed a V with two runways jutting out from the stage to a center point. At the sides were two large floats; One with the Statue of Liberty and the other with Big Ben.

Jay Manuel was the emcee for the reveal. To keep with the US vs. UK theme Brit Nigel Barker rolled up in a Mini Cooper convertible that was painted as a Union Jack. Miss J. pulled up in a red and gold Ford Mustang.

Next came the float with Big Ben carrying seven British models, followed by the float with the Statue of Liberty, the American models and a bunch of shirtless guys with American flags and white flags that said "America's Next Top Model." How patriotic!

The invite stated that the models were all wearing clothes by designer Oliver Tolentino, which looked "high fashion military" according to the source. The UK girls were wearing red with gold, blue, silver accents and the US girls wore blue in different pseudo-patriotic colors.

After the reveal, Michael Buffer (the "Let's get ready to rumble!" guy) announced the girls by name, height and the city they come from like they were entering a boxing match. Each girl was encouraged to taunt the other "team" with antagonizing statements. Then they faced off in a runway "fight" taking turns making passes down the runway and fighting for a spotlight at the end. Our source said that the British girls were much more impressive than their American counterparts.

No specific details on the potential models just yet, but our insider did have this to say about some of them:

"There are 'full figured' girls, a blonde from the UK and black girl from US. There's a fierce black girl from Brooklyn and a pale skinned black-haired girl from Dallas. There's also a black girl who's bald who looked a lot like Liz from cycle 15. On the UK side there was a fierce black girl with long frizzy hair, and another really light-skinned black girl with straight hair and a fierce red-head."

Apparently Mr. Jay wasn't very happy with the way the American girls hooped and hollered down the runway; giving people high fives and swinging their jackets above their heads. Hope the clean up their act before the show airs!

So, the theme for ANTM Cycle 18 is going to be US versus UK. How do we feel about this? On one hand this could actually be very interesting, especially for all of you readers of A Blog About Things from other countries who always say the international versions of Top Model are much better than the original. On the other hand, how can you possible call it America's Next Top Model if a British girl wins? Perhaps there will be a little name tweaking when the season starts in Winter 2012?


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